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Guys I want say about new tata nano automatic. Amazing guys very supper ,atrative wow very nice car.below 700cc engine. Power windows , Bluetooth sterio.more better break .nice displays.more clear head lambs.I feel look like nice similar to maruthi new zen.two big bag can store in diki .the mileage is 24 kml .we can expect […]


No more film poster’s

Film poster will not be seen from June 1st onward. Film posters will not be used anymore for promotional purpose in Kerala. This decision is put forward by the Director’s and Distributor’s in Kerala film industry.But they say that it will not affect the promotional of a film . It is due to the high […]

Decision Taking – How good are you at it?

Life is full of uncertainties and so taking the right decision at the right time is something we all need to master to be successful. Sometimes, we may have to take tough decisions even though we really don’t want to. But that’s all part of life. Are you a bold decision maker? Or do you […]


Tanishq mathew abraham is really a child genious

Tanishq mathew abraham is 11 year old boy who got graduation in three subjects from the American river college . A boy of this age, unbelievable!!. I am really to proud to say that he is a from Kerala .He is the youngest who got graduation from that college.From the age of 7 he started […]

Writing from my mobile

Hey friends Have you tried the mobile version of Hallow Demon? Right now I am writing this post on my android phone. I previously used to encounter some difficulties while using the mobile version of the HD.But now, things are more smooth. I use Mozilla browser and was not able to see the letters I […]

Treadmill experiment

I have just finished my treadmill running. To be frank its not easy to stay healthy in this world full of temptations. You need to look after your diet also if you want to stay healthy.Now that’s the difficult part for me. I love food. I even use it as my stress buster. So, in […]


Social media intrudes our family atmosphere

Now a days social media plays an important role. You can see that all are eager to update status and photos frequently than to spend time with their family. So our relationship within the family are fading. Up to a certain percentage it is because of over usage of smartphones. Smartphone is really a villain!.We […]


Jayalalitha returns

Jayalalithaa took oath as Tamilnadu Chief Minister for the fifth time. After she was released from 8 months of imprisonment in “Disproportionate asset case” by Bangalore court. Its really a festive for tamilans. This function is organised at the Madras University Centenary Hall. State Governor K Rosaiah administered the oath and 28 others were sworn […]

Nuclear family and sharing nature

Now I like to share my opinion about the decaying of sharing mentality of people in our society.In olden days people are helpful to eachother and share there belongings with each other. Now a days this nature is getting extinct.One reason for this change of attitude is nuclear family culture.Family is minimized to 3 or […]


Live without a CellPhone

I was thinking, How about a life just for a week with no phone… no calls, messages, groups, gaming… how many of you think of it… I know it is not easy ,, but to be frank i have thought about it,,, have any one though how many hours we spend on our phone,.. it […]


Happy weekend

Yet another Friday……. All will be anxiously waiting for this day…Even I am:):) How about other HDears?? What are your plans for this weekend????? Monday is only 2 days from today, that’s the only fact that makes all of us sad :(:( After 5 days of hectic work, all are waiting for these 2 days […]


Facebook share button is added to HD

Hi HDears… We have added new Facebook share button to each post. You can find it at the bottom of every post content. Please do not hesitate to use this button if you find any article good enough to be shared with your friends in Facebook.

Purpose of this life

Hey, Have you ever wondered about your purpose in this life? Yes..Finding a purpose is important and it may not be easy to find it at times. Sometimes we get so much involved in our daily activities that we never have time to think about the purpose of the whole life. Sometimes, when I think […]

Misconceptions about the art of meditation

One of the main misconception about meditation is that it can not be practiced by common man.Only yogis and sadhus can meditate.In fact, people who have not even tried meditation in their whole life, go around telling that meditation is very difficult even before experiencing how it truly feels to be in a meditation trance.In […]


Silent Love : Chapter 4

I hurried up, said a silent prayer, gave a flying kiss to mom and started off to the bus stop. As I reached the stop, I could see one of my cab friend Raghav already waiting there. I waved to him and he waved back. I could see many new faces with our company tag […]