Roshan Prince’s new song

Hello dear friends. How are you all ? i hope that all of my friends are absolutely fine. Dear friends now i am going to write a review of the […]


Need a new phone!!

hello friends!! good morning everyone!!! I am currently using an android phone from SONY XPERIA model named MIRO and i just love this phone. I have been using it from […]

Micromax canvas Xpress 2

Friends as you all know there are so many mobile phones are coming in these days. Some of the mobile phones are android and some are windows. But android phones […]

Violence in Manipur

Hello dear friends. Now i am back with an interesting news from the Manipur. Now news flash in the television that there is violence in manipur and three killed and […]

Finally the end of the day!!

hello friends!! Its already 11 pm and its now time to go to bed. Today i skiped my dinner because i found nothing delicious in the menu. I hope you […]

My exam was cancelled !!

Hello friends!! Good afternoon everyone!! Here comes my second post on this site and I am really impressed by the growth here. Well coming on to the topic, yesterday I […]

Facebook 2

Hello dear friends. I hope that all of you are absolutely fine. In the previous post i have written some overview of the world’s most popular social networking website named […]

tips for engineering project-5-practicability.

5. Practicability Many concepts are theoretically possible but practically not viable. As an example, let us consider generating energy from rain drops, using piezo electric cell. The concept is to […]