Hi HD Mates. How Are you? I am writing this post after many days. Actually i was outside . I went to my mother home in Saharanpur. Now i come […]


Travelog- Thangassery Light House

Hey der Hdears!!!! Have you ever visited Thangassery Light house, Kollam, Kerala?? I would say its one among the must watch places in kerala. Last weekend I had visited this […]

My PaSsiOn…♡♡

I fell in love for the first time when I was 19.. That was the year my parents lovely cam EOS-3.. I was born in kannur but have lived in […]


It’s raining here:)

Good morning everyone, It is raining here in my city. It was very hot in this month. The weather was fully warm. But today, the weather is so cool and […]


The Ghosts in a Cemetry

Hello der HDears, Hope all are doing great!!! I can see lot of new faces here and guess they really are enjoying HDing. All the HDcles are really informative. I […]


International Yoga Day

Hii HDears!! How are you?? I am fit and fine hope you will be also fine. Tomorrow, 21 June2015 is international yoga day. Yoga and exercise are very important for […]

My hobby

Hello HDears! Everyone has its own hobby . There are different types and categories for hobbies. Someone like to play football, some like to play mobile or video games.In simple […]


save water

Water is an essential requirement In our daily life. God and nature give us this precious gift but we human beings do not take care of this treasure properly. Large […]

My adorable mother

Hello HDiers, meet my mom My mother name is Mrs Surinder. She is 55 years old. She is active and energrtic lady till now. She is my role model, councelor […]


oxygen gas

Good afternoon HDiers. We all know the importance of oxygen very well. Due to oxygen, we all are alive on this planet. Friends, respiration is an essential feature of all […]


We all know importance of sunlight. In winter season, everyone likes to sit in sunshine. Sunlight. It is available at every place and every corner of this earth. It is […]


Silent Love : Chapter 15

Ha! There he was. The source of all the problems. I gave a tight-lipped smile to him and went straight to the kitchen. I heard mom excusing herself for a […]


Good afternoon/evening to all my friends and everyone on this awesome site. Now it is summer season . Mangoes, leetchis and water melon etc are summer fruits in India. I […]